Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pikes Peak in Spring

I live near Compassion International, which has some of the best views of Pikes Peak in town and also allows visitors to hike its grounds. During this very wet May I hiked around their land seeing what I could find to paint. All that rain made the normally yellow grasses especially green (at least by Colorado standards), but up on the peak the moisture is still mostly snow.

I'm always amazed by the color out here. The colors really were this dramatic! The tree really is that bright green, the foothills really are that purple, the mountain just that blue, and of course the Colorado sky--I couldn't paint the sky out here without phthalo blue in my box!

Oil on canvas, 16" x 12"

This painting is for sale at the Fare Bella Gallery in Manitou Springs, CO. Click here for contact information and to visit their site.

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