Friday, January 16, 2015

Mount Sheridan, Mosquito Range, CO

I think this is Mount Sheridan, just outside of Alma, CO. It is part of the Mosquito Range of the South Park region. If I'm to paint out here I feel compelled to learn the names of these mountains as well--just seems a littler more impressive for some reason.

Normally this peak sits rather unobtrusively among a bunch of other larger and higher, though less interesting, mountain peaks. In fact most days you don't even notice it, but every now and again a cloud sneaks in behind this peak and really shows it off. It's especially pleasing to look at with snow on it.

I've noticed that a lot out here in the Rockies, there are all kinds of peaks, ridges, and formations that just blend into the scenery on normal clear days, but if clouds can manage to sneak in or snow accumulates they all pop out from their hiding places.

Oil on canvas, 16" x 13.5"

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