Tuesday, July 1, 2014


OK, so this painting is the first one up till this point that is headed in the direction that I would like to see my paintings go. When I look at it I'm seeing, what I believe, is my style starting to develop, rather than me aping some of the things I see in the work of other artists I admire. It's not that I believe that anything here is revolutionary, in fact it's all been done before, but this painting was just me laying down brushstrokes that felt natural to me rather than me thinking about how I can get a certain look that other painters achieve. Does that make sense?

It's not a perfect painting, but I'm fairly pleased with it all the same. There's something about the way I laid down the paint on that peach in the upper right in particular that has me pleased. It also helped that I started using a painting medium with this one. In prior sessions I had been thinning my paints with just mineral spirits, but after trying this medium of stand and linseed oils, I'm hooked.

Oil 7" x 9"

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